NYC Startup Weekend Finale: 2 Hours, 20+ Presentations

Did I really hear 20 or so presentations in a little over 2 hours at the conclusion of NYC Startup Weekend?

According to my barely legible notes, scribbled while standing up in the very crowded kitchen area in General Assembly’s co-working space, I had a few insightful comments on each one of them.

My quick, emotional assessments differed from the judges: I didn’t quite ‘get’ PlayMob, the first place winner; dismissed too quickly the second place winner,, the on-line group vacation piggy bank, and perhaps let my group conference calling prejudices get in the way of appreciating third-place

No matter, I was impressed with many of the pitches, amazed at what Red-Bull fueled developers could accomplish in 48 hours, and learned that even cold NYC falafels still taste really good.Continue reading