Fun with ThingLink

Image hotspots have been around for a long time—since at least HTML3—and have allowed developers to add interactivity to graphics.

You know, hover over a state in a map of the US, see the name pop up, and then click to get routed to an informational page.

And of course, Flash and Silverlight have come along to provide ultimate interactivity and media capabilities. But the emphasis has always been on developers, especially with the aforementioned tools.

ThingLink is a San Francisco startup that is bringing hotspots, which they call Rich Media Tags, within reach of HTML- and ActionScript- challenged publishers.

That means bloggers, Tumblrs, etc. can quickly add linkable, position-aware icons to their pics.Continue reading

Visiting Wanderfly Land

Wanderfly, the travel planning site we like, has just signed up a few more media companies as curators.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement wherein the likes of Mashable, Jaunted (“celeb-favorite destinations”), Havaianas (“beaches that soothe your sole”), and my favorite, the History Channel, control a piece of Wanderfly’s web real estate.

From there the subject matter experts can make travel suggestions and perhaps History Channel curators can inspire readers to learn what really happened at the Circus Maximus or the Baths of Caracalla.

With this announcement, it seemed like the right time to take a deeper tour of Wanderfly.Continue reading

Wanderfly Makes Time’s Top 10

Last week at TechCrunch Disrupt, I had a chance to see the revamped Wanderfly.

Christy Liu, Wanderfly’s co-founder and Director of Marketing, put me behind the new dashboard of this visually intensive travel recommendation site as we looked for warmer spots while shivering during an unusual late May cold spell.

The photos I looked at for Italy (Rome, Venice, Sienna) are stunning.  And for my next job, I’d like to be the house photographer for Wanderfly.

I learned from Liu yesterday that Wanderfly made Time Inc.’s list of  “10 NYC Startups to Watch” and Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies”.  Continue reading

New York Tech Meetup: Holiday Extravaganza

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And there is no other place I’d rather be than New York City in December— chestnuts roasting, falafels cooking, and Food52 giving a demo at New York Tech Meetup.

Of course, this is also the season of NJ Transit delays, so thanks to mechanical problems at Sunnyside Yards yesterday, I missed most of 52’s presentation. As I walked into NYTM’s temporary digs at New World Stages on 50th street, I heard some questions being asked about “FoodPickle.” FoodPickle? More on that later.

My favorites from the evening: WanderFly, Food52, and Marco. In the interesting, but problematic category: ClearGears.Continue reading