Test Your VoIP Connection with OnSIP

OnSIP, the virtual PBX service that we use, has a web page that allows you to test your VoIP connection.

It simulates a voice conservation to OnSIP’s remotes, measuring packet loss and jitter or variation in transit times.

My performance over my information cable provided by Comcast here in NJ was pretty good: no packet loss and .9 ms in jitter. Continue reading

Good VoIP Choices from Ars Technica

Ars Technica, a favorite read of mine, answered a question yesterday from a reader seeking a VoIP solution for a remote office situation.  In the “Ask Ars” column, Jon Stokes provides a few cloud-based telephony providers that should be familiar to readers of this blog.

Stokes approves of Junction Networks’ OnSip, which by the way is the service used by Ars as well as by Technoverse’s editorial offices, and 8×8’s Virtual Office.

He even talks about using SIP softphones with these services,  and there’s a mention of Asterisk, the PBX software project (but nothing on SipXecs)

It’s a good run down and worth a read.Continue reading

Do You Really Need Ubiquisys’ Portable Femtocell?

Ubiquisys, a startup backed by Google, lays claim to “the words’ first attocell—a personal femtocell.”

Femtocells are small cellular base stations that connect to the Internet on one side, and wirelessly link to a 3G cell phone on the other end.

They’re often used by cellular carriers to provide coverage for homes and businesses that are in or near dead zones.

The novelty factor of Ubiquisys’ attocell is that it’s really small, and meant for gadget-centric international business travelers who do their business in regions with high roaming charges.

It does seem like this will become one more piece of hardware, along with adapters, battery chargers, cables, etc. that many will leave behind in hotel rooms, convention booths, or bistros/enoteccas/tapas bars.Continue reading