Taap.it’s Artistic Ambitions

The Taap.it crew has been busy this month reaching out to the artist community in the NYC area.

This Manhattan startup has a geo-aware mobile app—one of our small biz favorites—that brings together local buyers and sellers. Besides all the usual items found in the classifieds, Taap.it also has a special section devoted to art.

In my quick browse through this category, I found Andy Warhol lithographs, arty photographs, needlepoint, and a Mickey Mantle painting. Something for everyone.Continue reading

Taap.it Reaches $2.4 Million in Transactions

Taap.it, the geo-aware classified mobile app that launched at TechCruch Disrupt in late May, has experienced impressive growth in the last two months.

They’ve seen $2.4 million in transactions cleared through their online marketplace

With the Taap.it iPhone (and Android) app, sellers post a picture of the item they wish to sell along with embedded geo-data. Buyers search using distance and keyword parameters.

The focus here is, of course, on local business, and the assumption is that delivery and payment can be handled without any messy third-parties—perhaps the whole transaction can be settled at the local coffee bar.Continue reading

Our Favorite Biz Apps, Summer Edition

Summer is here and the time is right for another Technoverse list of our favorite business apps.

Our files are stuffed with notes from the last few months of attending trade shows and meetups, quizzing CEOs, and testing software in our state-of-the-art lab. The focus of this list, as in our past enumerations, is on small-to-medium businesses.

The distribution of employers in the US is skewed towards small: most businesses—something like 98% — are considered small, with roughly under 25 employees. Even more astonishing: they hire 50% of the US workforce.

But unlike in the past, the cost of starting and running a small business doesn’t necessarily require emptying a bank account.

We have computing to thank for this, everything from cheap biz apps in the cloud, low-cost communications and collaboration, inexpensive social media marketing, the ability to crowdsource certain tasks, and on and on.

Herewith are a few apps that should help you kickstart and manage your business:Continue reading

Taap.it at NYTM

Taap.it is the geographically aware classified  buying app that I first saw at TechCrunch.

On Tuesday, the Taap.it crew were on the big stage at New York Tech Meetup.

I wasn’t there, but fortunately the video of their presentation is now on YouTube.  Take a look.Continue reading