Summer Fun: Baseball and Phono

Last week, I wrote about the under-appreciated but impressive Phono, a jQuery plugin that lets you embed a softphone into any web page.

Phono is made by Florida-based Voxeo, a long-standing and innovative telephony software vendor.

With a pinch of JavaScript, anybody—developer, HTML-phobic designer—can add a voice channel widget, accessible from laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

What’s cooler than an embedded JavaScript softphone?

Connecting said softphone up with Tropo, Voxeo’s server-side telephony environment.

I usually free associate baseball, not JavaScript, with the month of August, so I decided to take on a small Tropo project to read back current major league baseball scores into my Phono widget, which I’ve conveniently inserted into this post.

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Meetup at Google NY: JavaScript Gets Serious

I was at Google last night, at their 8th Ave. location in NYC, attending a JavaScript Meetup.

I almost didn’t make it: I was on the waiting list up until the last minute.

So what brought over 125 people into the 10th Floor of Google’s Manhattan franchise?

(By the way, Googlers know how to dress for a NYC summer: they were pouring out of the building around 6:30 all wearing cargo shorts and comfy T-shirts.)

Anyway, we were all there to hear about their JavaScript in-the-cloud service, called Apps Script.

Who would have thunk so many so many passionate developers would be coming out on this rainy night, and why would Google put a client-side language into the stratosphere?

It all became clearer by the end of the talk.

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