Idea Flight:Collaboration for iPad

I haven’t been attending New York Tech Meetups lately but there was one demo at last night’s gathering I would have liked to have seen.

Idea Flight from the folks at Conde Nast Digital turns the iPad into a collaborative document and screen sharing tool—think of it as WebEx for tablets.

One person is the host, or as Idea Flight calls it, the pilot, and the attendees are known as “passengers”.

I’m not sure I entirely get the flight metaphor, but this iPad app looks to be an on-the-fly approach to do shared presentations over a WiFi network.

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Android Christmas Shopping Season Starts Now

On Friday, our friends at Yixin Industry International Group (Shenzhen, China) emailed us with news on a new tablet computer. I guess it won’t be a surprise if I report that their MID YX-7100 product is a 7” iPad clone powered by a Rockchip 2808 processor and running Android 2.1.

I was curious. I took a look at the Yixin website, and this consumer-oriented electronics company has good marketing instincts—better than some well known US laptop makers. I’m impressed with their line of liquid USB flash drives, especially the beer models.

I studied the YX-7100 specs a little more closely, and discovered they’re offering the YX-7100 in white and pink, in addition to basic black. Nice touch!Continue reading

Cisco Cius: Unimaginative, but Slightly Intriguing

Cisco Systems Logo
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Perhaps only a company of Cisco’s still considerable market heft can foist its recently revealed Cius (pronounced “see us”) tablet on the citizens of cubeland. Many of the tech bloggers are underwhelmed and ask the question, “Why?”.

This tech blogger has the same query. Once upon a time the gadgets in the office were not obtainable on the street; now consumer gadgetry is far better than what’s available or officially allowed in walled off corporate castles.

For the record, the Cius is a 7” tablet that supports a multi-touch screen, WiFi/BlueTooth, HD video (720p), HD audio, 8-hour battery, and front and rear (for taking pictures of your coworkers?) facing cameras. The company expects to ship the tablet in 1Q2011.

Price? Under $1000. (long pause) Now for the intriguing part: Cius will run a modified version of  the Android OS.Continue reading

Shogo: Rhymes with iPad

Shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Freescale’s  7″ tablet prototype was supposed to inspire manufacturers and design houses to produce real products.  Realease took the bait and has followed up with an iPad clone it calls Shogo.

This Hong Kong product design company has come up with a Linux-based, iMX-37 powered, 10″ multi-touch capacitve screen… Oh, heck here’s the spec list, so I don’t have to string together more coordinating adjectives:Continue reading

iPad:Birth of New Device Genre

I saw the iPad last night for the first time at Apple’s SoHo store in Manhattan. It is an amazing thing. A bit of futuristic Star Trek-level technology that found its way into the year 2010:  a large-size  tricorder with great video.  (And to think that Spock struggled with that mouseless gadget!).

I watched a few videos (smooth, fluid ), tried one of the book readers (seductive),  and was wowed by a  location-sensitive astronomy app called Star Walk.

It is not a smaller this or a larger that. I remember similar dismissive talk about mini-computers and personal computers. It’s a new genre of touch-sensitive, location-aware multimedia gagdets that will create its own uses—many that we can not even conceive of at this point. With the Epicurious app, I already see the beginnings of a whole new market of kitchen countertop  virtual cookbooks.  If they can just hook in speech rec….Continue reading