ITExpo Stream of Consciousness

Axel Rouvin/Wikipedia

Fax over IP …  Aculab cloud … AT&T mobile hotpot …  Kevin Martin recalls threat to change FCC vote …  Sprint’s WiMAX …  Startup Camp this evening … the end of POTS in 10 years … open source UC with Asterix and Elastix … Allworx gigabit Ethernet phone …  SIP trunking …  hosted PBX … cloud-based media processing …

That’s as much as I’ve picked up reading tweets, watching  short videos, and dipping into a few blog posts. I’ve not been to a telecom-focused trade show event recently. So it’s reassuring and a sign of industry health (except for, er, fax over IP) that many of the same players, products, and big themes that ruled a few years ago still are making waves at ITExpo 2011.

What’s really new is the rise of powerful data centers —the cloud—and the virtualization technology that makes it all possible.

I was therefore most intrigued by the buzz around the keynote speech on cloud-based VoIP delivered by Aculab’s Alan Pound.

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