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Tales from Startup Alley: AppsBuilder, Bellissimo

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May 1, 2013 | Editor

There was a small, but significant Italian presence at TechCrunch Disrupt NY this year. I had a chance to meet with Luigi Giglio, CTO and Co-Founder of AppsBuilder, a Milan based startup. I’ve seen a bunch of mobile app generators … Continue reading

Yapp: Mobile App for Managing Events

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April 26, 2012 | Editor

Yapp was a mobile app I came across during one of my circumnavigations of the NY Tech Day show floor last week. This blog has a fondness for simple, effective software that can be mastered by small-biz types. Yapp fits … Continue reading

Infinite Monkeys: Mobile Development for Humans with Chimp-Level Programming Skills

Can just about anyone develop a capable mobile app without any programming skills?. That is the question–or in pitch-speak, the real-world problem to solve–that several startups are currently exploring. Joining ShoutEm, EachScape, Mobile Roadie, and a few others, there’s now … Continue reading

EachScape Does Mobile App Generation Right

With Startup Weekend NYC Mobile rolling into town this weekend, I took advantage of a free demo from one of this event’s sponsors. Yesterday EachScape’s CEO Ludovic Collin proved to a room of coders, business types, and at least one … Continue reading

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