Amazing Interviews With Data Security and Privacy Pros

But they’re all on my other website. My two or three loyal readers know that I’ve been more focused over at the IOS blog during the last year. If you happen to find your way to TvB by accident, I can point to you some recent work.

I had the chance to interview Professor Zinaida Benenson recently. She delivered this eye-opening talk at Black Hat 2016 on phishing. In short: we’re doomed! Benenson performed a clever experiment on college kids to test their susceptibility to clicking: they flunked. Her message for corporate IT security is that you’ll have to assume that employees will take the bait and malware will be running rampant.

So check out my two-part podcast with Professor Benenson and the transcript here.

I’m also becoming somewhat knowledgable on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will reshape data security compliance in the EU. A lot of my legal education on this subject can be attributed to interviewing London-based Mintz Levin partner Sue Foster. You can listen in as well and soak up GDPR knowledge.