More Internet of Silly Things: Finder’s Gadgety iBag2 Handbag

In case you need some silicon assistance in curbing your spending, the iBag2 is probably just what your IT person would recommend.  iBag2 comes out of the R&D labs of a company called Finder, which bills itself as a personal finance website that “helps Americans compare financial products online so they can make better informed decisions”.

I suspect I’ve come upon finder’s spam in my inbox. In any case, they’ve introduced a handbag with enough smarts to apparently clamp shut when the shopper is near a “danger zone”, which are the pre-progrmmed geo-coordinates of high-end retail stores and artisanal donut shops.  As a warning, the bag’s LEDs start to flash as you near the zone, thereby preventing your wrist from being crushed by the electromagnet-driven steel plates.

They also provide an RFID card that you insert in your wallet so the iBag2 RFID detectors can count the number of times you’ve accessed your cash.

This can be all yours for a mere $5000. I know what you’re thinking — bargain!  I wonder if they worked out an ROI for this thing? I forget there’s a useful light detector alarm that tells you when to put on sunscreen lotion. Brilliant feature!

On my other show, I interviewed the IOT pen tester Ken Munro. I am so tempted to have him test this thing to see what security loopholes are lurking below the surface.  Especially whether the steel clamp can be made to open on demand by a street-smart hacker with the right WiFi/Bluetooth gear. You’ve been warned!