$1000 Steerable Electric Scooter From Cycleboard

For those who want a more adult scooter experience, Cycleboard has this tri-wheel contraption that gives you a stable ride. It’s Lithium-ion batteries let the Cycleboard travel around 15 miles at speeds up to 20 mph.

It’s fun looking at the gallery of pics showing bathing-suit clad models scootering on a boardwalk somewhere in California. This ain’t New Jersey. For me to buy one of these things, there’d have to be some kind of mini-trunk to hold groceries and other stuff. And a special saw-resistant chain to secure it.

As it stands, it’s an expensive toy that’s more suitable for a low-density resort town.

Anyway, it weighs 48-lbs, has five power modes, and has an integrated lock. This KickstarterĀ project isĀ taking orders now ($999) for July delivery.