At the Intersection of Law and Data Science With Bennett Borden

Over on my other channel, I posted two podcasts of my interview with attorney Bennett Borden. Bennett is not just another lawyer. He’s had a stint working for the CIA, earned a law degree at Georgetown, and studied business analytics at NYU. He’s now a parter at DrinkerBiddle and is also that law firm’s chief data scientist.

So what’s data science have to do with law?

It all goes back to the discovery process, which is when opposing parties exchange information. This used to be a manual process with associates scanning paper documents to find relevant material. That was then. Now with e-discovery, law firms can use software to find documents that match keywords or find relevant content through more complex algorithms.

Anyway, Bennet explains more about how data science is in e-discovery and, interestingly, in other legal transactions as well.  Next-gen lawyers may be — gasp! — data nerds as well.