U-Gym: Muscle Stimulator on Indiegogo

Our friend Mark Yu, co-founder of AirSig, has another project he’s introducing. His U-Gym mid-frequency electric stimulator is now starting an Indiegogo campaign. How do you go from an authentication gadget that tracks hand movements to muscle-healing medical devices?

You experience a shoulder injury and go for treatments at a physical rehab center to receive electrotherapy. And then realize the whole process could be improved with a little technology.

Yu became interested in the range of electric frequencies — 1 to 10k range — used in these treatments. Being an entrepreneur, he thought it might be possible to develop a consumer-oriented device that could be used while on the go.

The result is U-Gym, an iPhone-sized portable stimulator than links up to a array of electro pads.  I remember my own treatments for an impinged shoulder involved a very bulky machine in a doctor’s office. Dare I say it, but U-Gym could be a disruptive force in the physical therapy market

Besides generating healing electrical stimulation, U-Gym with its built in gyro and g-sensor also has exercise tracking capabilities. Working with an iPhone app, it can help you meet your exercise goals.

If you’re interested, you can make an early-bird pledge of $129 to receive a Bluetooth enabled U-Gym with electropads. Estimated delivery is March 2016.