Itero: Pocket Watch Launches on Kickstarter

Itero disrupts the wearables industry with a notification-free gadget that’s purpose-built to continually show the time of day. Their display unit is based on light waves bouncing off two metallic arms —long and short—sweeping across a circular face to indicate hours and minutes.

I suppose that’s one way a copy writer could describe an ordinary analog watch that can be purchased at say Macy’s. But that’s exactly what the team behind Itero is offering in their Kickstarter campaign to re-introduce some humans to the idea of a wearable chronograph.

Their campaign landed in my email last week. And I’ve been mulling it over during spare moments from my other show. Could the world be ready for a return to a purpose-built writing and storage system formerly known as a legal pad and number #2 pencil? I am considering my own Kickstarter project.

Anyway, I am personally fond of analog watches, grandfather clocks, and sun dials. I proudly wear my quartz-based Speidel watch with its lizard-skin band. And now I find myself  attracted to the Itero watch!

It also has one useful feature I’ve always had trouble finding in a sub-$1oo time piece— water-proofness!  I always end up with a water-resistant watch that doesn’t hold up over the long term after one too many showers, steam-room visits, and forgetting to take it off at the pool. So good for Itero for making that possible in their early-bird specials—pledge start around $100. The watch will eventually retail for about $200.

Here’s one feature that I’ve always found difficult to get in an along watch: a day and date display that works without having to reset monthly and also takes into account leap years.

Itero, if you put that in your next watch, I’d buy it!