Cynaps Mint: 3-D Printed Bone Conducting Audio Hardware

When last we left Max Virtual, they had started an Indiegogo campaign for their Cynaps bone conducting hearing helper. The technology amplifies voices and uses small transducers to conduct the sound through our amazing human skeletal system. Max Virtual is back again with another Indiegogo project.

This time they’ve re-engineered their hardware, which is now rendered by 3-D printers, as discrete and, I should add, vividly colored modules. In their traditional role, you can fit Cynaps into hats, helmets, and other headgear.

But with the new Mint modules, it becomes quite easy now to attach their transducers to windows, ceramic cups, iPads, and other hard objects to create your own natural speaker system.

Their funding starts today, and for $79 you get the full kit with the super window-shaking transducers.