Virtual Hackathon Courtesy of Koding

Koding (formerly kodingen), is a terrific development environment that supports a thriving community of PHP, Ruby, Python and Node coders. I’ve used it for my own teeny projects, and found I could quickly knock out some software and get things done. Anyway, they just announced a hackathon, virtual of course.

They’re calling it the “world’s first global virtual hackathon” as a way of recognizing they’ve signed up half a million subscribers. You can learn more about the event, which is scheduled for December 6 – 7, over here.

It looks like the themes of this particular hackathon will revolve around Global Finance, Education, Healthcare, Climate Change, Travel, etc. You’d think they’d come up with more important problems to solve! They’ll have a definitive topic list on November 21–check the Koding account for details. Teams can be up to 5 members, and if you’re looking to pick up players, you can post a request to the Koding community.

All you need to get started is to register with Koding.

Photo credit: Christian Fischer