Foxconn Invests $2M in AirSig

We’re back! I’m still going through emails after our French jaunt– I will miss fresh Parisian baguettes, sigh–and will probably open up shop officially next week. Anyway, here’s some news I though I’d share now: earlier this month AirSig, the folks who developed an interesting new form of authentication I first saw at TechCrunch Disrupt, announced they received $2M in investment from Foxconn.

That’s great news for a startup just founded in June! They call their approach 3-factor authentication. You essentially air sign your password with your smartphone. So it’s what you know (password), what you have (the device), and finally how you do it (your unique air signature). AirSig worked flawlessly when I tried it.

Over at my other channel, I talk a lot about the importance of stronger authentication. Hackers quickly exploit weak passwords by brute force attacks or perhaps already have purchased passwords on the black market, so you need another level of authentication. Research has shown that a high percentage of attacks could have be stopped by multi-factor authentication– for example, the infamous Target hack.

Congrats to co-founder Mark Yu and his team!