Omate: iWatch competition?

It’s late summer, I’ve been mostly focusing on a fast-approaching vacation, and on my other channel, I’ve been ringing the church bells over privacy issues with patient data. And then this email about a new companion smartwatch lands in my inbox, the Omate X. It’s late summer, so it’s time to have some fun.

No one yet knows the final functions of Apple’s iWatch– mobile payments, voice messaging, health tracking–but we do know it won’t look like a clunky 1980’s era nerd watch with embedded calculator.

But that’s sort of what the oMate reminds me of. I’ve seen a lot of these clunkers over the last year, and they’re fine for a niche audiences– health fanatic, runners, etc. I still have a Garmin eTrex for GPS-ing while hiking. Yes, the Omate team did make some effort to add “style”, but I think they’re fighting the last war.

Apple’s iWatch, assuming the mock-up done by an independent UI designer is roughly right, is creating another objet de desire. And based on their poaching of executives from fashion brands, Apple is serious about making a style statement.

Anyway, if you’re still interested, the Omate X is available for pre-order during the month of September for $129.

Photo credit: cisky