Talent Garden: Send Your Startup to Italy

We just heard from our friends at Talent Garden, the Italian co-working network, about some interesting news. Let’s say you’re part of a US-based startup perhaps with international ambitions, but you’re in some kind of creative rut. There’s no better way to turbo-charge your team then by tapping into the same cultural spirit that gave us the Renaissance, Da Vinci, Maserati, and Versace.

Doesn’t a move to Italy involve visas and perhaps some bureaucracy?

Talent Garden tells us that the Italian government has a Startup Visa program that removes many obstacles, allowing non-European tech innovators to make the move to Italy with less problems. You can find out more about this option here.

To make it even easier and faster to get a visa, startups can now apply through an official incubator. Talent Garden, with locations in Turin, Milan, Pisa, and other cities supports this visa program. But you’ll need to meet some official criteria– for example, less than four-years old and under about $5 million in revenue.