Tales from Startup Alley: Enigmedia

Enigmedia got my attention while I was wandering the aisle of Startup Alley. I spoke briefly wiht this Spanish company’s founder, Gerard Vidal. It’s his speedy encryption algorithm that’s the basis behind the product. While I couldn’t quite understand the details (“chaos theory” according to the website), at the booth Vidal showed me that they can encrypt and decrypt video in real-time.

The company has signed up heavy-weight military and banking customers for their enterprise software. For the rest of us, Enigmedia has an app in the Itunes store that lets you encrypt phone conversations.

Great idea, especially in light of Bruce Schneier’s recent remarks that we need easier ways to turn on data security.

I would have liked to have reported that the Enigmedia app was as easy and fun to use as Candy Crush. But I couldn’t quite get the freebie version of their software, apparently released just in time for TechCrunch Disrupt, to work. Darn.

I’ll check back again in a few weeks to see what’s going on.