Still More Tales from Startup Alley: Chat with Kloudless’s Elliot Sun

I wrote briefly about Kloudless’s service to rationalize the cloud for the biz world. I was still a little unclear about what they were doing in terms of privacy and security. After TC Disrupt, I had the chance to chat with Elliot Sun, the CEO of Kloudless, who helped shed some light on this subject.

In Elliot’s view there are two camps in the biz IT world: those who think everything should be in Sharepoint, and those who want to liberalize the corporate cloud policies to allow some employee use. And that’s where Kloudless APIs come in: they’ll allow developers to selective cloudify applications such as Outlook and other MS-ware. Kloudless then takes over and handles the authentication with the various services, which include Box, Dropbox, Gdrive, egnyte, and soon Amazon S3 as well.

I learned from Elliot that– and this made me feel better– an enterprise dashboard or panel that allows IT to instantly enable a controlled cloud experience is on their roadmap. Without any programming, IT admins will manage authorization rights, store and revoke keys, and monitor in real-time what documents are being uploaded. In other words, organizations will be able to offer an officially sanctioned cloud-service that has the power of the underlying services but is centrally managed.

This is neat work and should make both enterprise IT and employees happy–not an easy trick. We will keep you posted when the Kloudless enterprise dashboard becomes available.