Croosle: Cute Programming Kit with Sensor on Kickstarter

Croosle is a hardware-based Kickstarter project that we just learned about. Croosle originates from Ljubljana, Slovenia. According to Google Translate, lustna means cute in Slovenian and so, after reviewing the Kickstarter pitch, we decided that Croosle is very lustna. It’s a kit for teens and students to allow them to learn how to program a Rasbery Pi. So what can you can do with Croosle?

Croosle comes with a special separate sensor that beams gyro, accelerator, compass, temperature/humidity, and pressure information via Bluetooth to the Rasperry Pi. There’s also an integrated development environment or IDE–this is where the programming comes in–that you can run on your laptop to download and test your software on the Pi. This used to be called embedded programming and usually you ended up with a data logger for scientific or engineering projects–weather data, for example. But with the other sensor functions, you can start doing some interesting projects involving motion–think robotics.

Croosle supports all the usual programming languages–PHP, Python, and Javascript.

Anyway, it looks like a great way for the next generation of Wozniaks to learn and develop. The basic kit requires a pledge of 94 euros. The Croozle team expects to be in production by July or August if they reach their goal of 60,000 euros–they’re currently have a little over 1000 euros in pledges.