UberConference Meets Google Hangouts

San Francisco-based UberConference is the audio bridge service that lets you know who is talking. Amazing, right? It was started by the same folks who developed Grand Central (now Google Voice), so perhaps it’s not surprising that UberConference works with Google Hangouts.

Once you get over the privacy issues with letting Google know everything about your Google+ connections, then Hangouts supplemented with Uber is a darn good service. And since I plan just using Google+ for biz contacts, I can live with some of the privacy compromises.

Like everyone else in the corporate world, I’m stuck with a horrid audio conferencing–Level 3 in my case–though they’re all pretty much in the same league. It just means that every call is awkward, unproductive, and you feel like you’re talking and no one seems to hear you.

Basically, a dystopic world build on legacy telecom. Anyway, hoping UberConference catches on in the enterprise space.