What I missed at the Legal Hackers’ Hackathon

I’ve been busy with other projects so I was unable to make the New York Legal Hackers second annual hackathon this past weekend in Brooklyn. This group is devoted to “creating technologies that solves legal issues”. In other words, rather than writing briefs they’re coding apps. After listening to Bruce Schneier and his call for wider use of personal security apps, I feel especially remiss since this year’s ‘thon was devoted to privacy and encryption.

The event was simultaneously held in London and San Francisco, and a partial list of hacks can be found here. I’m especially intrigued by Safe Sign-up, which protects the identities for those registering for events, and Bring Your Own Chat, a “secure zero-knowledge chat application using only Drop Box.”

If I get more information, I’ll be posting or check the Legal Hacker’s site.