Artisan: A/B Testing for Business Types

I saw Philly-based Artisan at TechCrunch Disrupt last year, and remember their easy approach to A/B testing for mobile apps. Since then at my day job over on another channel, A/B testing comes up during every other marketing meeting I’m in– “Yeah, we need to check whether putting the call-to-action on the top or bottom makes a difference.” Of course, this usually involves a web developer or “growth hacker” doing some coding and collecting data. What about a non-code-centric person who wants to run a simple A/B test?

That’s where Artisan comes in. At TechCrunch, they showed me how a non-technical business or marketing type like myself could re-arrange web pages and run tests without bringing in the cavalry. Last month, the Artisan folks extended their no-code approach to A/B testing, which they call Artisan Optimize, to include Android apps.

Well, technically you have to do a little bit of coding to add the Artisan SDK to your IOS or Android app. But once that’s in, you can throw away the programming manuals. In this latest release of Optimize, they’ve taken the no-code approach a little further with “Power Hooks”. This new features allows just about anybody to make design changes to layout, navigation, and functionality and then, of course A/B test it.

Artisan is free for up 10,000 monthly active users of your app, and then beyond that the price shifts to $1000/month. Full pricing schedule can be found here.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Chris here, engineer at Artisan. I appreciate the mention! Artisan has come a long way since Disrupt, with lots more coming on the horizon. If you or your readers have any questions or just want to talk shop, we’d love to hear from you!

    @chrisbaglieri / @artisanmobile

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