Friday Afternoon Fun: Sk8trakr is Nike+ for Skateboarders

That’s how this Buenos Aires-based startup describes their prototype device. Their Co-founder, Guido Marucci Blas, contacted us recently to say they’re in an early stage of development and looking to raise money on indiegogo.

The idea is that you attach their teeny box to the underside of your skakeboard, and then do your tricks and jumps. In the background, Sk8trakr is monitoring all your gyrations and then feeding acceleration and position data by Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android gadget. Your tricks then get rated–yeah, it can figure out an Ollie–and then your accomplishments can be shared with friends, and used to engage in contests.

Funding starts at $99 for a pre-production alpha version–limited to the first 1000. A tested production version can be yours for $119.

They’re hoping to raise $50,000. Check the video below for a better sense of what this thing can do.