Tangeez Goes Kickstarter: interactive light emitting blocks for the masses

Back in July, while randomly wandering the aisles of CE Week, I came across a stack of soothing light-emitting pucks that captured my attention and acted as balm to my weary soul. I was almost ready to start chanting. I had accidentally discovered Tangeez, which is the creation of two former NYU ITP-ers, Emily Webster and Mustafa Bagdatli. Their idea was that as you place the Tangeez–pronounced tan-gies–one on top of the other, the lights in this colony of pucks change in unpredictable ways. I was intrigued.

Summer came and left, the leaves are now turning, and the Tangeez concept has recently been Kickstarter-ized. In their video, Webster and Bagdatli describe Tangeez as both a toy and a design element. If you pledge $35, you’ll get three Tangeez with a base plate. Do I even need to add that Tangeez, Inc. is proudly headquartered in Brooklyn?

Good luck Emily and Mustafa!