NYC Media Lab’s Future Interfaces

I’m regretting missing NYC Media Labs sponsored get-together at Razorfish’s–holy Craig Kanarick!–HQ in midtown Manhattan. Spawned from a partnering of NYC Economic Development Corp, NYU-Poly, and Columbia University, the Media Labs has a mission to generate new ideas in computer graphics, man-machine interfaces, and other Minority Report-like technologies. From the pics I saw, it looked like a very touchy-feely event with vendors showing off their gear and students and researchers giving us a peek at their projects

Under the theme of Future Interfaces, the NYC Media Labs brought together heavyweight academics–Ken “Tron” Perlin, NYU Professor of Computer Science, and Chris Bregler, Director of NYU Movement Lab– as well as several key industry players, including Perch Interactive and Tactonic Technolgies.

Sure, there’ll be other NYC Media events–check out their calendar– but in the meantime, enjoy a few of the photos taken at the event.

Photo Credit:Danya Jimenez, NYC Media Lab