Hey, Social Listing Is Now Taap.it

Social Listing, the location-aware classified advertising app launched at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011, has given itself a new, more fluid appellation.

It now calls itself Taap.it, which is a far better name, search-wise.

But this is more than just a rebranding.

Taap.it will let local businesses create their own on-line, mobile marketplace. From what I understand, it’s a way for small retailers to share their inventory with the public. The critical metric is distance—consumers will be able to see for themselves on their iPhone and and Android smart devices what’s available on the shelves of nearby stores.

It’s a terrific idea and should in theory provide an alternative small business marketing strategy to the more chaotic Groupon.

Duy Huynh, the product manager I chatted with at Disrupt a few weeks ago, mentioned that there would soon be a B2C aspect to Social Listing.  With Taap.it, regular consumers will still be able to post for free, but retailers will pay for their classified ad.

Taap.it’s new business feature is set to launch July 1.

I’m hoping to have another chat with the Taap.it crew to find out more.

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