Tales from Startup Alley: Makerbot Industries

One of my personal goals over the last year was to see MakerBot Industries’ 3-D printer in-action, making stuff.

I can check that off my startup bucket list. I got the video to prove it.

I chatted briefly with MB’s Keith Ozar, who reminded me that their 3-D printer, called ThingBot, comes in kit form ($1299). It’s all based on open-source software, of course. This Brooklyn-based (yay!) two-year old company has grown dramatically, now employing over 30 people.

So you design your thing using say Blender or Google SketchUp, and load the STL file. Fed by a plastic filament, ThingBot then lays down the structure one layer at a time.

I walked away with a hot-from-the-oven plastic snake. Thanks MakerBot!