A Short List of Gov 2.0 Sites

A few sites to get this Gov 2.0  list started:

Data.gov – Raw data from the  US government.  Start digging and mining!

GovFresh – Founded by Luke Fretwell. A good resource with postings from informed Gov 2.0 advocates.

SunLight Foundation – Mission: “to use cutting edge technologies to make government transparent and accountable.”

More after the jump.

SunLight Labs – APIs and open source projects. Join and contribute.

Open 311 – Working towards an open 311 standard.

Radar O’Reilly Gov 2.0 – Tim O’Reilly’s site for everthing 2.0 (Web, Edu, and Gov).

Knight Commission Open Government Open government blog sponsored by Aspen Institute and Knight Foundation.

Vox Populi – Mark Headd’s blog.

Social Media in the Public Sector – Professor Ines Mergel’s blog.


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