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Foxconn Invests $2M in AirSig

We’re back! I’m still going through emails after our French jaunt– I will miss fresh Parisian baguettes, sigh–and will probably open up shop officially next week. Anyway, here’s some news I though I’d share now: earlier this month AirSig, the … Continue reading

Gone Fishing

We’ll be closing up shop for a few weeks. See you in September.

Omate: iWatch competition?

It’s late summer, I’ve been mostly focusing on a fast-approaching vacation, and on my other channel, I’ve been ringing the church bells over privacy issues with patient data. And then this email about a new companion smartwatch lands in my … Continue reading

Brief note on StarSnap: You Oughta Be in Pictures

A little summer fun comes by way of an iPhone app that finds close enough matches of your selfie amongst celebrity photos. By the way, according to StarSnap, I resemble Paul McCartney–the older, not the Fab Four vintage. On another … Continue reading

Brief Note on Anonymizer: Simple Secure Browsing

I’ve been busy working on my other channel where with each post I’ve become despairing of IT security. For your personal computing, you can take matters into your own hands. For example, when browsing at your favorite WiFi hotspot, you … Continue reading

Talent Garden: Send Your Startup to Italy

We just heard from our friends at Talent Garden, the Italian co-working network, about some interesting news. Let’s say you’re part of a US-based startup perhaps with international ambitions, but you’re in some kind of creative rut. There’s no better … Continue reading

TvB’s Favorite Summer Travel Apps: Paris Edition

Right about now the blog takes a break from its usual duties– scouring the sprawling TvB contact network to find the next “yo”–to focus on one of mankind’s highest pursuits, vacationing! While I still find that bronze-age travel books can … Continue reading

Waiting on Lima: Ups and Downs of Watching a Kickstarter Project

Almost a year ago I wrote about a Kickstarter project formerly known as Plug. They debuted just as the Snowden revelations about Prism were making headlines, and their clouldless approach to file sharing struck a nerve. The French team behind … Continue reading

CE Week 2014 Snapshot

I swooped into CE Week on Wednesday, and it was satisfying to see the show continue to evolve away from its A/V box roots. This year there was lots of buzz around APIs, robots, fitness bands, and the maker community. … Continue reading

CE Week NYC 2014

Blogging has been a light this month because I was slogging through some other assignments. We’ll be back at it again with CE Week returning to the Metropolitan Center on 18th Street in Manhattan this week. I’ll be focusing less … Continue reading

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