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Itero: Pocket Watch Launches on Kickstarter

Itero disrupts the wearables industry with a notification-free gadget that’s purpose-built to continually show the time of day. Their display unit is based on light waves bouncing off two metallic arms —long and short—sweeping across a circular face to indicate … Continue reading

U-Gym: Muscle Stimulator on Indiegogo

Our friend Mark Yu, co-founder of AirSig, has another project he’s introducing. His U-Gym mid-frequency electric stimulator is now starting an Indiegogo campaign. How do you go from an authentication gadget that tracks hand movements to muscle-healing medical devices? You … Continue reading

Geeky Brands at geetgeeked NYC

An announcement for getgeeked landed in our email box the other day. Unlike other geeky events, this one emphasizes physical gadgetry — audio, toy robots, gadget friendly clothing, device charger, and health wearables. Think of getgeeked as the digital equivalent … Continue reading

Brief Tour of Advertising Week 2015: Product Tribes and Thingification

I dropped in on Advertising Week’s big event last week to see what this latest generation of Don and Peggy types were up to. Unlike the tech events I usually attend, I quickly discovered I was massively under-dressed with my … Continue reading

Spare Change App Feeds NYers

Yikes, I haven’t posted since half-past August! I’ve been busy over at my other show writing about, among other topics, threats to our personal data posed by careless CEO and other C-level types.  Here’s some good new for people at … Continue reading

Lima: Secure Personal Cloud At Last

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August 17, 2015 | Editor

I’ve been busy over at my other show exploring insider data theft and IT sabotage.  Thankfully my long awaited beta version of Lima showed up in the mail, so I now had something to write about for TvB. Yay! To refresh … Continue reading

Buddy: Family-Friendly Robot Launches on Indiegogo

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July 20, 2015 | Editor

As we all read one headline after another warning of the robot takeover of our jobs, I’ve discovered a more serious source of concern for human-kind. After reviewing this well-produced Speilbergian video for the personal robot Buddy on Indiegogo, it seems … Continue reading

Dandelion APIs For Your Knowledge Parsing Needs

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July 8, 2015 | Editor

Somewhere on my Internet journeys, I learned about Dandelion. It’s a platform for doing semantic analysis of text. Another words, software that has some reading comprehension abilities. Maybe even as smart as a 10-year old. Startups in this automated reading-and-understanding … Continue reading

SipSup: Photo Sharing Drinking Glass on Kickstarter

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July 1, 2015 | Editor

My blogging has been on vacation the last few weeks. I was away on holiday in southern Spain—biking the Andalusian countryside—and then after returning I had to play catch up at my other show. I know I’m truly back at … Continue reading

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015

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May 12, 2015 | Editor

I admit to spending little time at this year’s Disrupt, which was in town last week. It’s still a great event for startups that want to get some attention. Sure I was a little turned off by the pre-event emails … Continue reading

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