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Waiting on Lima: Ups and Downs of Watching a Kickstarter Project

Almost a year ago I wrote about a Kickstarter project formerly known as Plug. They debuted just as the Snowden revelations about Prism were making headlines, and their clouldless approach to file sharing struck a nerve. The French team behind … Continue reading

CE Week 2014 Snapshot

I swooped into CE Week on Wednesday, and it was satisfying to see the show continue to evolve away from its A/V box roots. This year there was lots of buzz around APIs, robots, fitness bands, and the maker community. … Continue reading

CE Week NYC 2014

Blogging has been a light this month because I was slogging through some other assignments. We’ll be back at it again with CE Week returning to the Metropolitan Center on 18th Street in Manhattan this week. I’ll be focusing less … Continue reading

The New Photojournalism: Brief Chat with Fresco’s John Meyer

Lord knows journalism needs help. Sure there’re promising green shoots: data-oriented journalism, the open data movement, and crowd-sourced reporting and analysis to name a few. Here’s some other good news: An NYU student and successful entrepreneur, John Meyer, has a … Continue reading

Still More Tales from Startup Alley: Chat with Kloudless’s Elliot Sun

I wrote briefly about Kloudless’s service to rationalize the cloud for the biz world. I was still a little unclear about what they were doing in terms of privacy and security. After TC Disrupt, I had the chance to chat … Continue reading

Still More Tales From Startup Alley: Mailjet

In the last year, I’ve been seeing really high-quality work done by French and Belgium startups. Here’s another to add to that list. They’re called Mailjet, and they’re a Paris-based startup focused on email campaigns. They’ve already gotten a lot … Continue reading

Pop-up Coworking Space in Newark

Newark may have lost the Bears (and are still paying the debt on the stadium), but as one proverbial door closes, another one opens. Brick City Tech Meetup and Brick City Development Corp. have joined forces to open a one-day-a-week … Continue reading

Tales From Startup Alley: Klappo and Big Food Data

My Startup Alley blogging is a little delayed this year. My apologies to those who are still interested in the TechCrunch Disrupt event from two whole weeks ago. So London-based Klappo was one of the startups I regret not seeing … Continue reading

Tales from Startup Alley: Enigmedia

Enigmedia got my attention while I was wandering the aisle of Startup Alley. I spoke briefly wiht this Spanish company’s founder, Gerard Vidal. It’s his speedy encryption algorithm that’s the basis behind the product. While I couldn’t quite understand the … Continue reading

Tales from Startup Alley: Kloudless and Cloud Security

I was in email correspondence with Kloudless CEO Elliot Sun yesterday after he announced the official launch of their APIs from the Battlefield stage. What is Kloudless and what’s the big deal with their APIs. Kloudless is a cloud aggregator … Continue reading

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